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Written by Teddy   
Friday, 23 January 2009 00:00
So, now for another program needed for 'hacking' your phone, P2K Commander (p2Kc).  AGAIN please read my DISCLAIMER article BEFORE continuing forward with doing any of the 'hacks' I have posted here in my articles.  This program is used for file transfers and can be used with the newer firmwares, but my articles here will only address the phone I have, the V3m.

First, aquire P2k Commander.  Download this file to a location you'll remember.  Then double click on it and click the 'install' button.  Now realize that this doesn't actually install the program, all it does is extract the program files to a (sub) folder.  Remember where it is.

P2KCommander is used for the file transfers that are needed for some of the other hacks to the above mentioned VZW firmware(s), like extending video duration, changing your start-up/shutdown animations and changing some of the THEMES on said firmware.  There are other programs for file transfers; bitpim and QPST's EFS Explorer, but we'll look at some of those options in another article.

To use the P2K Commander program with a Razr V3m, please follow the instructions below (all V3c's will require a different version of P2KC, a V9m will require different settings):

  • First open RSD CDMA General.  If don't have RSD CDMA General, please refer to my article linked to the left to aquire and set it up.
  • When the RSD CDMA General window shows your ESN, go ahead and minimize it and the open P2K Commander from the folder where you saved it above.
  • You may be presented with a window that a new version is available.  For now I click "No".
    • There are some setting I would recomend before using this program, one is to get rid of the "New Version" pop up and another is to make sure it runs in the best possible mode for your phone:
      • Click on the "Options" menu item at the top.
      • A new window will pop up with a title, "P2KCommander Options"
      • In the lower right portion of this window, under "Miscellaneous Options", uncheck the "Check new releases online" checkbox.
      • In the lower left portion portion of this window, under "P2k Tuning", the "New (fast) checkbox will be the default box checked.  I went ahead and checked the "Standard P2k commands" button, just because the phones listed there.  I did leave it as the defaut, so I don't know how much this will affect your results.
  • In the bottom left pane you will see some messages including "GENERIC FAILURE" and "Volume Name Fail", this is normal.

And here's a screenshot for you:


If you see the same thing as the screenshot above, you are good to go, however, if you get a message in the lower left that says "No p2k device found" and "USB I/O Time-out!" (which you shouldn't using this new and improved version), just un-plug your phone, power cycle it, exit the program(s) and re-start the process.  You should be then be presented with a right and left window pane of folders and both should look alike, as shown above.  At the top of both will be a drop down menu that displays C:\ and a button to the right that says "re-read".  Below that on both panes will be the path where you have extracted this program to.  Chose the side you would like to explore your phone on by clicking the drop down menu and clicking on "/a P2K Phone System" and then the "re-read" button.  You should then see a progress bar and a message showing how many files the program is reading.  If this is the case, congrats, you have P2K Commander set-up and working properly as well.

Some final notes about the version of P2kCommander I have at my site for you:

  • Some say that the version of P2K Commander I have here at my site does NOT require you to use RSD CDMA general in the background.  This version will send a command to your phone by itself to put your phone in the proper "P2K" mode for the use of this program.  However, your results may vary.
  • And that being said, on my own testing, it is much more reliable when you do use RSD CDMA General in the background.

From here, it's onward hacking soldiers. . . .

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