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Written by Teddy   
Thursday, 04 February 2010 19:50
OK, since everyone else who writes guides for the Moto A855 Droid has a method to restore it to stock, i.e. remove 'root' access, and everything else associated with it, I guess I've got to write one too, lol.  Actually, there's several methods and I will try to put them all here in this guide.  I haven't done this yet because why would anyone want to remove this access to do more/modify your phone?  Also, I should point out that so far I have not personally tested any of these methods, however the first file and method I have here is from a very good source, one of the sholes.info team, for what that's worth, however his post has already been edited to reflect a newer file/method which I'll also cover later.  So, anyways, here we go:



First off you need this file.  It will be called "stockupdate.zip".  You do NOT need to extract it, just copy it to your sdcard and then using your favorite file manager, rename it to just plain "update.zip".  If you don't have a file manager installed on your phone, then just rename it to plain "update.zip" BEFORE you copy it.  And just in case you need more detailed instructions as to how to copy files to your sdcard, plug your phone in to your PC using a USB cable.  Then 'mount' your sdcard as 'storage'.  Your Win XP box will pop up a window, go ahead and select the 'browse files' or whatever looks close to that.  You will then have a window opened up on your PC that shows all the files on your sdcard.  Depending on which situation fits your circumstances (in the paragraph above) copy the file to your phone's sdcard.  THEN, before you continue, make sure your go ahead and 'unmount' your sdcard for storage in the notification bar on your Moto A855 Droid phone BEFORE you disconnect it from your PC.

The first set of steps below apply if you have already installed the custom recovery image.  Power your phone off, then slide out the physical keyboard and while holding down the "x" button, power the phone on.  Once it's booted up in the recovery menu you can slide the keyboard closed and follow this set of steps(use the volume rocker to navigate up/down, the camera button to select, the power button to go back one level):

  1. Using the Volume up/down buttons, navigate to the "install" selection.
  2. Then again scroll down to the "Allow update.zip installation" and select it.  (Nothing will happen)
  3. Then scroll down once more to the "Install /sdcard/update.zip (depreciated)" and select that.
  4. Wait.  You'll get a message saying "Install from sdcard complete"
  5. Once it's done, then go back and find the selection to "wipe cache" and do so.
  6. Then using the 'power' button go back as far as you can and select "reboot phone"
  7. BAM, as far as I know, you should not have SU, root access, any SPR, busybox, flash_image, etc.

That should cover you if you have already installed the Custom Recovery Image.  But say you haven't?  You only 'rooted' your droid for one or two apps.  Well, then follow these steps for using the stock recovery menu.  Power off your phone, then slide out the physical keyboard and while holding down the "x" button, power your phone on.  Fro this set, you'll need to leave the keyboard open:

  1. Using the directional keypad, navigate to "apply sdcard:update.zip".
  2. Then press the center gold button to make the selection.
  3. It shouldn't take long and when it's done the phone will give you a message saying "update complete".
  4. Again, using the 'd-pad' navigate to the "rebooot system now" option and press the center gold buttom.
  5. BAM, again, as far as I know, your phone is 'un-rooted'.

I would suggest doing a factory data reset immediately after this. Yes, you will lose your data, but once you sign back into Google's servers, you'll get your contacts back.



Now, this method seems to make perfect sense to me and may even be in some ways more complete than method one, but again, I have yet to test any 'un-rooting' stuff.  If I do, I'll edit this guide to reflect as such.  Anyways, this method does require that you have already installed the Custom recovery image, as you will use the 'advanced nandroid restore' option to 'un-root' your phone and return it to a completely stock 2.0.1 status.

Alrighty then, you will need this file.  It will be called "2.0.1TotallyStock.zip".  Extract the contents, in this case a folder of pretty much the same name.  Now, take the folder that has been extracted and copy the whole thing to the 'nandroid' folder on your sdcard.  I will not re-iterate again how to do so here.  From here I'm going to deviate just a bit from the instructions I found where I found the file.  On your phone go here:

  1. menu
  2. settings
  3. privacy
  4. Factory data reset
  5. reset phone
  6. go through with it, lol
    • Your phone should wipe and reboot into the SPR menu.
    • Using the volume rocker to navigate, the camera button to select, and the power button to back out,
  7. navigate to "advanced nandroid restore"
  8. select 'choose backup'
  9. choose the "2.0.1totally stock"
  10. BEFORE continuing, make sure you have every other option (boot, recovery, data, system, cache, misc) selected.
  11. Then go ahead and hit the 'restore' button.
  12. Once done, hit the power button until your selection shows "reboot phone" and hit the camera button.
  13. BAM!  you should now have lost everything root etc., and your phone will be just like it was out of the box, it will have the 2.0.1 f/w and you will have to set it up again with your gmail account, etc.


For this you will need to read this guide of mine here. OK, so I didn't really cover how to unroot it there, but the option is in the app in that guide.



Someone over at droidforums.net asked me to do a write up for this, so here it is.  This only applies to those with rooted ESE81/Android 2.1 phones that for some crazy reason want to revert it to totally (pretty much) stock, without root.  Oh yeah this does not require the tricky, picky RSD Lite/.sbf flashing method.  There's really a couple-three different ways to do this depending on which custom recovery image you have on your phone.  It does involve getting to 2.0.1 stock and then using the official OTA update file within the stock recovery menu.  As a side note, your radio version will stay at .03P, but that's not a problem as that's were we will end up anyways.


OK, first let's explore getting to stock 2.0.1.  In my honest opinion the really easiest n00b friendly way is to download ROM Manager-free from the market and install it if you haven't already.  Then open ROM Manager, and go this way, Download ROM -> Stock Images -> Verizon Droid 2.0.1 Stock.  I must note though, that even though I think this is the easiest, I do not think it would be the most complete.

Now let's explore the most complete way (my opinion) to get to stock 2.0.1.  If you have ROM Manager on your phone, open it and near the bottom use the "Flash Alternate Recovery" option to flash to SPRecovery.  Otherwise, you probably already have SPRecovery on your phone.  If you're not sure, for now I will just say this: STOP HERE FOR NOW! or use the paragraph above.  Once you have the SPRecovery installed on your phone, then just do a quick bounce to "method two" above and once you're done there return to below for further (very easy) instructions.


To finish off getting to totally official stock ESE 81/Android 2.1 from either paragraphs above, here's the rest.  Of course, you'll need another file, this one.  It will be called "ESE81OTAupdate.zip".  This is the official file, I only renamed it to shorten and clarify the name for myself.  Download it to your computer, rename it to just plain "update.zip" and copy it to the sdcard on your phone.  Just a couploe of steps more and we're done:

  1. Power off your phone.
  2. Slide out the hard keyboard.
  3. Press and hold down the 'x' key while pwering your phone back on.
  4. You should be presented with an exclamation point.  If not STOP HERE, YOU ARE NOT STOCK 2.0.1
  5. Now press the volume up button and the camera button at the same time to enter the stock recovery menu.
  6. Using the d-pad, select the "install update.zip from sdcard" and then press the center d-pad button.
  7. This should just about do it, all you have to do now once it's done is use the d-pad to navigate to "reboot phone" and do so.



 this is a guide in progress, if it doesn't work, PLEASE, PLEASE use the "Contact Me" link to the left and let me know.  Thx.

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