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Saturday, 23 January 2010 00:00
OK.  This guide is in my 'advanced guides' section for a reason.  It actually should be more than advanced.  This guide and especially the file(s) contained herein are for the most advanced users out there, as I believe that for this phone the requirement to use RSD Lite in this situation is a last resort!!.  This method will TOTALLY WIPE OUT ALL THE DATA ON YOUR PHONE, RESTORE IT TO THE STOCK 2.2 FRG22D F/W, and when you are done, you WILL have to re-activate your phone on VZW.  If you don't know how to 'activate' your phone STOP!  DO NOT USE THIS GUIDE!  Actually if you've ever used an older Moto 'dumbphone' and 'flashed' it then this guide will make perfect sense to you.  If not, and/or you find anything here to be too confusing, FUCKING STOP RIGHT NOW AND DO NOT DO THIS TO YOUR DROID PHONE!!! DO NOT TRY THIS WITH ANYTHING LESS THAN A 50% BATTERY!!  IF YOU IGNORE THIS LAST, EXPECT FAILURE!!


Alrightly then, I surely hope that my warnings above has prevented the total n00bs from trying to use this guide on a whim, but just in case I will also spell this out.  If your phone will boot, you do not need to use this guide.  If your phone will boot into any recovery menu, you do not need to use this guide.  And do NOT give up on the first try!!  Example.  Just the other day (04/04/2010) I was using "ROM Manager" and used the flash alternative recovery (SPR 0.99.03b) image, then using ROM Manager tried to reboot into recovery and hit the "M" wall.  I started panicking, did a batt pull, slid out the keyboard to 'manually' enter the recovery menu; same results, constant "M".  Then I thought, "Hey, just try to boot the phone up normally".  So I did a battery pull, powered it on, and no problems.


One major reason that this should be the last resort is that RSD Lite is pretty finicky.  Another time, my phone just booted up into the Bootloader screen and for some reason I thought I had no choice but to flash it.  I have three computers running Windows XP Pro SP2 and I couldn't get the flash to complete on my desktop (it kept failing leaving me with a 'corrupted code' message) nor my server (I found later RSD Lite doesn't like USB 1.1).  Well I am pretty much panicking now, but I thought, let me try the ole laptop.  Pluged it in and the flash went through just fine the first time.  Three computers running the same OS, using the same version of RSD Lite, trying the exact same .sbf file; the only difference is some of the other software and/or hardware.  Go figure.  So that, coupled with the fact that I have learned more about this phone is why you will ALWAYS see me disagree in the forums when other people post to use RSD Lite and a .sbf file (the old SBF to root and unroot thread).  I doubt there is anything that a simple reboot, factory data reset, nandroid restore, or use of the Master FRG22D file can not get you out of.


So, now that I'm done with all the reasons to not use this guide, I guess I'll go ahead with it.  Here's the file(s) you need here.  Be patient, it might take a while to download from my server.  You will have downloaded a file named "".  This all encompasing file will contain the 32 bit Windows drivers (which you might/should already have), RSD Lite 4.6, and the (FRG22D).sbf file needed for the rest of this process.  As usual, I did not come up with this info myself, I have compiled it here from several sources, blah, blah, blah.  This guide is going to pretty much cover the steps needed for Windows XP, there are some variations for Vista and even more for Windows 7 that I will NOT be covering, sorry.  So before you continue to the next paragragh, unzip the files to a location you'll remember.


OK let's assume you haven't ever plugged your phone into your computer (just in case).  Install the drivers first, then reboot your computer (this is from Motorola's site).  Then plug your phone into your computer and let Windows install those drivers.  Then install RSD Lite 4.6, and reboot your computer.  While your computer is rebooting, power off your phone, then slide out the keyboard and while pressing and holding down the 'up' button of the 'd-pad', power your phone up.  Your phone will now power up into the "bootloader" screen.  Once your computer is powered back up, open RSD Lite, plug your phone in and then wait for more drivers to be installed.  Once you have the "your device is installed" message, go ahead and hit the "..." button in RSD Lite and navigate to the .sbf file (it'll have FRG22D in the name), and click the open button.  Then click on the "Start" button in RSD Lite and wait.  And wait some more.  This process will take at LEAST fifteen minutes, probably more.  What you're waiting for is one of two messages in the main window of RSD and your phone to be fully rebooted and the android on the screen.  You will have either a "PASS" message in the far right of RSD or a "Please power this phone up manually" (most common for me).  With the latter message upon closing RSD Lite, you will get a warning message, it is safe to ignore it.


If you have problems and/or are using a different version of Windows, there is a much more in-depth thread on the use of RSD Lite by a guy who goes by the name of MotoCache1 over at that will probably help: HERE!


Now for the final test before I continue, as I recently had a major problem with my phone even after getting a "PASS" in RSD Lite.  On your phone as mentioned above you will see the android with a message to 'touch' the android to continue.  Don't touch it.  If you do, you will be presented with the activation screen, but for now DON'T do it just yet, just use the "back" button so we can check a thing or two.  Press your screen in this fashion: upper left, upper right, lower right, lower left.  You will then be presented with the stock 2.2/FRG22D home screen.  Now go through this sequence on your phone: Menu -> settings -> about phone, and make sure everything there looks correct.  Make sure none of the info there shows "unknown", i.e the build and/or the baseband.  I stress this because I thought I was all good, but didn't pay attention to this detail and had to go a different route, for which I will elaborate more.  The three computers route, and the laptop won I mentioned above.


If everything is good for you, then there are at least a dozen ways for you to go from here, but the first of course is to go ahead and activate your phone (*228, Option 1) and sign back into your google account.


good luck

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