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Introduction to my Android Phones Guides Section (READ FIRST) PDF Print E-mail
Written by teddyearp   
Saturday, 04 May 2030 00:00

Welcome to my Android phone (formerly Motorola A855 Droid) guides hosted on my little (big) computer way out here in the country; my own little private corner of the interweb.  However, now I am going to include some info for all the VZW devices with unlockable bootloaders, and that said I will be trying to revamp some of the titles, my articles and menus and sections as well, since there seems to be some overlap that will work on all the devices I will post about here.

But this still stands: first and foremost most of the info I have here was created by others.  I claim hardly any credit whatsoever for any of these 'hacks'.  The real credit goes to many, many others that I will not list for fear of leaving someone out (especially since the list can grow very fast).  You know who you are.  Second, I am only human and have made some errors in the past with these guides, so PLEASE, if you find a problem or error, use the "Contact Me" link in the menu to the left and let me know so I can correct them.  Third, most if not all of my guides here will at least void your warranty and at worst put you at risk of 'bricking' your phone so if you mess up, so you have been warned.
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Two simple things you REALLY should (must) do PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teddy   
Friday, 04 May 2029 00:00
Two?  Well, maybe three, but I'm thinking about splitting that third one off . . . .  Anyways, even if you are very overwhelmed by hacking your Android phone and figure you'll never, ever change it from stock, here's a couple of things you should (or must) do to it which will have no ill effect whatsoever.  It will not change your ability to get any OTA updates, it will not void your warranty, it won't change the way your phone operates, it will do nothing.  So why do it?  Well, there's been millions of Android phones sold and there's over 1 million (or much more, just guessing) people that will hack them based upon some of the forums memberships, and if you're already here reading this, you're about to join in on the fun, so may as well have your phone ready for it as well.  So are you ready?  Let's go.
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Droid Basics PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teddy   
Saturday, 03 May 2025 00:00

Well, I thought I'd write this guide for any one who came here that just bought/received their Moto Droid phone, and as such, it is mostly an after thought.  Why an afterthought?  So far I have written the guides I have here that are mainly geared towards those of you who have already had their Droid for a bit and already figured most of this stuff out.  But I thought, well why not write one for the others, i.e the total n00bs to the Moto Droid.  That said, this guide will almost be like my introduction article and cover many many things that should almost be basic as the title implies. 

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Drivers/Software for your computer PDF Print E-mail
Written by Teddy   
Thursday, 04 May 2028 00:00

In this article I'll get you some drivers so your phone and computer can 'talk' to each other and the Android Software Development Kit (SDK).  Mind you these drivers are for a Windows 32bit box as that is what I'm running and using these on.  You can use the Android SDK (and for some reason I didn't need the drivers) under Ubuntu (Linux), but those instructions will be posted later when I get to posting more details on using ADB here.  The first part, the drivers are pretty straight forward.  The second part will give a very brief explanation of installing the Android SDK (and actually for the purposes of this site and guide all you need is the adb.exe file and 1 or 2 .dll files to run it, so I will try to soon streamline that part of this guide for just that, however it is touched upon in #3 in the second part below).  So, this is kind of two articles in one.

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Root the A855 without RSD Lite + make it ROM ready PDF Print E-mail
Written by teddyearp   
Friday, 07 February 2020 00:00
Here's a guide to root the Droid 1 (A855) phone without using RSD Lite.  This information/file/method in various forms has been posted all over the internet since ~ Sept 8, 2010 at least.  I first saw a similar one at droidforums here, then I saw another one over at andriodforums here, and then I found that the source of the actual file that does the rooting to be Sebastian Krahmer at c-skills.  Said file will, for now, work on any Android device, but I only will cover the A855 Droid 1, as that is what I use and this section of my tiny site is titled anyways.  All I have done is gone 'old school' on permissions for su and busybox and added the manual install of SPRecovery.
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