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Written by Teddy   
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 00:00
Welcome to the NEW Master of Disaster Tedly Website. Hosted, of course on my own server. Laughing
So, now I'm using Joomla as my webpage editor, or content manager as they call Joomla.  It is totally different as for the most part it doesn't require as much HTML knowledge as compared to using Dreamweaver, MS Frontpage, tiny HTML, Notepad (using raw HTML commands), or any other HTML program that I have been used to using over the 10+ years I've been playing with writing my own webpages. The other plus is that I have it set up for my family (or others) to have log-ins to my server with certain editing rights, and may even have some sort of forum/blog pages.
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Written by Teddy   
Sunday, 22 June 2008 16:20


Here's where you find more and more pictures of mine.  There are no limits as to how much storage I can use, since it's my own server, hehe.  That's why I chose the 'servepics' free domain.  I think I've found about the best and easiest little Joomla component (expose) for me to use any way, so check them out if
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Written by Teddy   
Tuesday, 17 June 2008 17:28
So, here is some more about me. I have been building my own computers for about 20+ years or so from scratch, I've never bought a "packaged system", i.e. Dell, Gateway, HP or the like.  My first computer had an old Intel 8086 motherboard that ran DOS 3.2 from the floppy drive(s).  So, I had to fix that in a hurry and very soon I installed a huge (at that time) 10 megabyte hard drive in it.  Now a days, most systems have RAM ten times that size to start with.
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