I'm Back!

Did you know that every single webpage you visit on the Internet is just on a computer of some sort?  And it is not that hard to do?  The Internet is not a mystery, if you know how to learn.  'Server' doesn't mean what you think it means.

Not like anyone who visits now would know this, but.  Once upon a time, from about 2007-2016 I had a webpage running on a computer from my home.  It started with me wanting to put up a webcam since I had a great view from my house of Mt. Rainier.  Well, it morphed.  I had a few guides for some serious modifications for the most famous flip phone, the Motorola Razr V3m. Then the V9m, and then the Motorola A855 Droid that came out in 2009.  It was almost popular, lol.  I learned a lot.  I also set it up to host some of the leaked Motorola software that was need to accomplish these things in a hidden place.  That one was on a Windows box.

This one is running Linux.  So I get to learn more stuff.  When I stop learning is when I die.  This time, since everything is better now, it will be more 'spiffy'.  Cell phone hacking guides are gone.  I'll have pictures of my travels, and articles about current events, past events, political commentary, and of course, a hidden place to store files for whom I wish to share them.


About Me - I am a Work in Progress

I was born in southern California in 1960.  I have seen a lot.  Real racism in the sixties.  The hippies.  The moon walk.  From LBJ to DJT.  I studied the Romans in 1969.  Triginometry and Calculus in 1970-71.  Electronics in 1973.  Met Jesus in 1983.  I have always seen things a bit different than others.  And this is where I share those things.

I've been to Four Corners.  I have played in heavy metal bands.  I am a Three Percenter.

Meet The Team

Here's my Team.  It constists of me, myself, and I.