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Make it Stop

This guy is cool. It's funny because I made the same connection to the Transformers as he did.

Election Fraud in Florida

A man who was behind in his rent was driven to the polls by his landlord. Landlord hands him a highlighted sample ballot and says, this is who I want you to vote for.

Michigan Shooting 'Message'

The shooting in Michigan the other day is a tragic incident, but of course, the reporters waste no time at all getting out the 'message' do they?

What not to Do When You Carry

A woman in Florida certainly did not do any favors for those of us who carry responsibly.  From the below linked articles and the video above, this started as a road rage incident and ended with her death.

Has it Started?

Has it Started?

Not long ago I had an article or two about the Biden Administratgion using the FBI and Justice Department against parents who speak up against what is being taught in our schools.

About American Racism

About American Racism

 Here is another comment thread I 'harvested' from a discussion forum.  The topic was obviously, Immigration:

Why do we Pay to Exercise this Right?

Reid Henrichs strikes a cord again. I do not hold any truck on any gin laws either.

Jason Silver/Blue Collar Logic

Haven't even watched this yet, but know from experience it should be good. From my buds @BCL.

Meanwhile, from Down Under

Meanwhile, from Down Under

Here is a video I found in my travels.  It is a parody of the old eighties sing, Ey of the Tiger.  Didn't know it at first, but this is from our poor brothers down under.