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Aid for Illegal Aliens

Aid for Illegal Aliens

We've been hearing about these huge debit cards being handed out at the border to these illegal immigrants that they're coloring as 'asylum seekers'.  Thought I'd look into it.  I do see the following, just not debit cards.

It appears as though these states and cities are also chipping in large sums to help these illegals as well.

"Over the past year, the southern U.S. border has seen more and more migrants attempting crossings as hundreds of thousands flee political upheaval in their home countries. Texas and Florida have sent thousands of asylum seekers via bus and plane to so-called sanctuary cities, which are then faced with the challenge of finding housing.

"Martin said they slept in city shelters for nearly nine months before getting the keys to their new place, where their rent is covered by the state. “Finally I’m going to sleep in my own bed,” Martin said.

About $11 million in federal relief has been disbursed in Illinois to more than 1,000 asylum seekers so far."

Asylum seekers are overwhelming shelters in some cities — can rental assistance help?

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