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Alex Jones Files Bankruptcy

Alex Jones Files Bankruptcy

I have said often if there really is the "Illuminati" and I was part of it, I/we'd have Alex Jones on our payroll.  The way he sees a conspiracy under every single rock is why.  It gets ridiculous and gives the left ammo.

 Alex Jones, Q-Anon, and the like with their sensationalized stories always finding some sort of hidden group to blame for everything have made it easy for the left to dismiss anything a Conservative says as a 'conspiracy theory'.  I cannot have a decent conversation with anyone now, we are that polarized and entrenched.  Nope, I'm sure soon the left will really start making good on rounding up anyone who does not toe their party line.

Here, I cannot say I feel sorry for Alex Jones.  He deserved every bit of this.

Alex Jones files for bankruptcy following $1 bln Sandy Hook verdict

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