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Arizona Border Rancher Has MS-13 at His Door

Arizona Border Rancher Has MS-13 at His Door

 You may or may not have heard of rancher Robert Krentz.  He was murdered on his ranch down near the USA-Mexico border northeast of Douglas, AZ on March 27, 2010.  The tracks led straight back across the border.


The murderer was never found.  Mr. Krentz reportedly even put out water and otherwise helped the illegals.  And this is how he was thanked.  And of course, all the liberals protect an open border still.

Now we have another Arizona rancher with the gang, MS-13 coming to his door down near Arivaca, AZ, just northwest of Nogales, AZ several miles to the west of the Krentz ranch.  He has a little bit of a different approach to the Immigration problem which I will cover more in a future story very soon.  This guy needs a bit more attention than he's getting.

Arizona Rancher Says MS-13 Came to His Door

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