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Arizona Stops a Knee Jerk Bill

Arizona Stops a Knee Jerk Bill

Back in January of this year, 2024, a teen was beat up by another person who used brass knuckles.  The guy who did it is only facing four months. So, some Arizona Senator from the third district (?) went after the weapon.

Because, as it is always said, 'never let a crisis go to waste'.  Arizona is basically a weapons friendly state because of efforts by the Arizona Citizens Defense League® (shameless plug).  However, now that we have Cartel Katie in office, our fifty something going on thirteen Governor in office, who has broken the record by vetoing more bills than former Governor Janet Napalitano because they have an 'R' by them; would be sure to pass the hell out of this one.

Wouldn't surprise me if Cartel Katie gets a job in the Biden cabinet when he gets selected again ater this year.

"Efforts to ban brass knuckles in Arizona appear to have come to an end for this legislative session, according to one state senator.

"In a statement, State Sen. John Kavanaugh said he was "not able to get the votes to bring the bill to the Senator Floor, even with potential amendments." State Sen. Kavanaugh did not otherwise elaborate on the potential amendments."

Arizona bill to ban brass knuckles 'dead for this session,' according to state senator

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