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Attack on Jews in Jerusalem

Attack on Jews in Jerusalem

I visited Israel in 2011.  Even though I had witnessed the Arab-Israeli conflict in the news stories all my life, the '67 war & Munich 1972 are still fresh in my mind, I decided to look further into it as an adult.

Here at my site, why not talk more about that too?  Last Sunday, there was a Hamas terror attack on three Jews in the Old City of Jerusalem.  Did you hear of it?  I didn't.  Yet so much the media, and now some of our elected servants blame all the violence squarely on Israel.  Huh?  Israel made a Hamas operative murder innocent unarmed people?  I will possibly have more articles about Israel here as the parralells to our current political situation is ironic.

For now, here's the article with a few words from Rashida Talib as well:

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