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Because It Is Trump

Because It Is Trump

It seems as though they just will not let go of President Trump.  I mean, to what end?  When will it end?  We have the whole lowdown on the conspiracy to hide the Hunter Biden laptop story, still a free pass.

But if you are associated with President Trump, you are hit with endless scrutiny with a pass. At all.  If you're not associated with Trump and, of course, a Democrat, then you can get away with murder.  Just ask Jeffery Epstein.  Oh yeah, you can't.  Has a former President been harassed this much, ever?

So here's a compilation:

DOJ asks judge to hold Trump team in contempt of court in documents probe: report

Trump probe subpoena served on Georgia secretary of state

Trump’s tax returns released after long fight with Congress

Trump Organization found guilty of tax fraud

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