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Because it is Trump, Part V

Because it is Trump, Part V

The never ending witch hunt against former President Trump continues.  This is an odd turn of events here, because how can a judge stop a defendant from confronting the witnesses against him/her?

" The Sixth Amendment provides that a person accused of a crime has the right to confront a witness against him or her in a criminal action."

Right to confront witness

But, I guess since it is Trump, all the regular rules and even the Constitution of the United States goes out the window.  Remember 'impeachment 2.0'?  Where the house decided to impeach a former President?

" Donald Trump was ordered Thursday to appear by video at a May 23 hearing in his Manhattan criminal case after a judge this week set rules barring him from using evidence in the case to attack witnesses.  "

Trump to get schooled on rules after district attorney worries he'll use evidence to slam witnesses

Nice how the headline calls it "attack" instead of "confront".

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