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Biden Blocks More Oil

Biden Blocks More Oil

We remember the Keystone project that President Biden shut down on his first day, right?  But nothing to see here, all the economic woes we have now are the fault of the previous administration, at least when it's bad.

It seems as though the current President is not happy yet, so while considering the Willow project for Conoco-Phillips, he shut down all other oil exploration on million of acres also in Alaska.  That was a couple days ago.  Now it seems as though he did approve the Conoco-Phillips plan (Willow) which of course now has a huge flurry of lawsuits being filed by the environazis.  You know, the folks who told us paper bags were no good, so switch to plastic so we can fill our oceans with plastic.

If he rushed the Willow project through yet cut off all other areas, what is his end game?  Really, the question is how much did Conoco-Phillips pay him in the back room deal?

As Biden weighs Willow, he blocks other Alaska oil drilling

Groups Sue to Block Biden-Approved Willow Oil Project in Alaska

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