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Biden in Selma

Biden in Selma

Good old President Joe.  Always good far a gaff.  Or laugh.  If only.  He took a trip to Selma, AL recently to visit on the aniversary of "Bloody Sunday" to again show how he has always been in favor of civil rights.

We know our current President has a history during segrigation that the media today just doesn't mention.  But for this, he is still trying to push that 'Voters Rights Act' through that is not addressing anyone's right to vote, but wanting to completely Federalize all elections.  Didn't someone say once, 'I don't care who votes, I just care who counts'.  I'll let you figure that whom out.  Hint, his name started with Stalin.

Anyways, since the Voting Rights Act got gutted by the Supreme Court, rightfully so, this is the Democrats' way of what the Gracci did in Rome, incite their sheep to action.  I think the picture above shows ACTUAL violations of voting rights.

In Selma, Biden says right to vote remains under assault

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