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Biden's Lies Too Big to Ignore?

Biden's Lies Too Big to Ignore?

How long?  How long can we put up with the total hypocrisy of the Democrats?  President Biden is not fit for office at all.  He has lied over and over, and is guilty of bribery and God only knows what else.

How many times has President Biden denied any involvement with Hunter Biden's illegal activities?  Yet all we hear is more Trump indictments.

"America First Legal has revealed from its Freedom of Information Act request that then-Vice President Joe Biden emailed his brother and his son about foreign business dealings more than 29,000 times.

"Biden has long alleged no knowledge of his family's foreign businesses, as critics and House GOP investigators note that amounted to repeated lies to the American people since the start of the 2020 presidential campaign – if not potentially criminal or impeachable offenses."

Then VP-Biden Emailed Brother, Son on Business More Than 29,000 Times

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