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California Representative Blasts Newsome in D.C.

California Representative Blasts Newsome in D.C.

Just when you thought all Californians were batshit loony fools who swim like fish in a school, up steps Doug LaMalfa, Representative from California's 1st Congressional district.

It appears he doesn't buy into the crap solution to our so called 'climate crisis'.  We all know that the climate has changed a lot over the lifespan of the planet, but has it actually ever been the sole cause for mass extinction?  Ooops, don't ask simple questions, you must trust the science.  Bullshit science that is.

California as you know, has had mass problems with their electrical grid for a long long time now.  So it only makes sense that their Governor, who's main agenda is kissing the socialists asses to further his own career damn common sense, want to eliminate all but electric vehicles in California within the next few years.  I'll stop and let you watch what Doug had to say about it:

And the bill passed the house.

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