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California Looking to Raise Minimum Wage. A Lot

California Looking to Raise Minimum Wage. A Lot

Well if this passes, folks may stop leaving California.  I mean a fifty dollar minimum wage?  Of course it makes sense in California.  Because California is and for a long time never has been about reality.  It is Hollywood.

And Hollywood only cares about fantasy.  Which is obviously how come California's politicians are lost to reality.  I mean, sure lets just raise the minimum wage that every employer has to pay, not by a little, no.  Lets triple it.  What could go wrong?

""In the Bay Area, I believe it was the United Way that came out with a report that very recently $127,000 for a family of four is just barely enough to get by," Democrat Congresswoman Barbara Lee said when asked to defend her previous support of a $50 minimum wage and explain how it would be "sustainable."

"Another survey very recently, $104,000; for a family of one, barely enough to get by, low income because of the affordability crisis."

California Senate candidates spar over Dem's proposal for $50 minimum wage: 'Do the math'

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