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Cartel Katie Hobbs Signs Another into Law

Cartel Katie Hobbs Signs Another into Law

Cartel Katie Hobbs, Arizona's (s)elected Governor has set a new record for the amount of bills she has vetoed.  Which is to be expected since Arizona is still pretty much a non-woke state, even though it is slipping purple.

It used to be that we voted for the person and not the party, even here in Arizona.  But the political climate has changed drastically over the last few decades.

Here this is about abortion.  As we know, Roe vs Wade was repealed sending the question of abortion back to the states, as the tenth amendment requires, as there is nothing in the Constitution nor Bill of Rights making the Federal .gov the exclusive arbiter over abortion.  Now abortion is a tricky thing, and I must say that in some cases it should be allowed.

Rape for example.  A woman should have the right, or even the duty of aborting that child.  Some behaviors are a combination of genes and environment, in my honest opinion and experience with my own inherited demons.  But if said raped woman chooses to have the fortitude to break that cycle and raise the child anyways, well may the Lord Yahweh surely bless her in that endeavor to break the genetic rape code in that child.

"Arizona lawmakers took a significant step Wednesday toward blocking a Civil War-era abortion ban, after state senators repealed the measure the Arizona Supreme Court said last month could stand.

"Along with banning abortions in all situations except life-threatening medical emergencies, the nineteenth century law imposes prison terms for doctors and others who aid in an abortion."

Arizona Senate votes to repeal 1864 abortion ban, sends measure to governor

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