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Cashing in on Climate Change

Cashing in on Climate Change

This one will just make you shrug your shoulders and go, WTF?  Three tribes are getting $25 million each to help them relocate away from the coast be they might be at risk due to 'Climate Change'.

Actually, articles mention that the costs of the oceans lakes and rivers are at risk.  Mind you, this is not something that is actually happening, we're just still thinking that Al Gore's and Greta Thunberg's predictions are definitely going to come true.  Really.  Hey Greta, the world's only got six years left, why are you still flying in private jets?

So, with the President's penchant for giving away money, he set up some grant that at least three tribes are taking advantage of now.  I mean why not?  Fill out a few papers and viola! $25 million free dollars for your budget from the good old Federal .gov.

Biden administration grants $75 million to relocate three Native tribes away from rising oceans

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