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Controlyavirus - The Spartacus Letter

Controlyavirus - The Spartacus Letter

This letter was shared with me by a fellow Patriot.  This is a long read.  READ IT.  Share this information wherever you can.  Please.

Much of it is written in highly technical language, fairly hard to follow many times. It is forty-one pages long, the first fifteen pages are the letter, the rest are for the references. Yes, more pages for references than for the material itself and no links to any Q Anon, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, etc. sites.  No, real sites with real medical information.  Now near the very end it does make claims implying Nanotechnology may be in the virus or vaccine(s).  That is certainly possible, I guess myself personally am not willing to agree with that claim.  Yet.

This is actually version two.

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