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Eli Crane Roasts President Biden

Eli Crane Roasts President Biden

 As we know, the Controlyavirus 'Title 42' rules have ended and we are actually back to 'Title 8'.  Basically, with Federal laws, it all depends on how the current administration chooses to enforce them, right?

Enter the newest U.S. Representative from Arizona, who I am proud to say is my Rep in Washington, beat out the well ensconced Democrat in 2022.  I guess the self-selected Democrat Governor while acting in her role as Secretary of State, had to let one Republican win a race.  So here Representative Crane is on the southern border:

"Rep. Eli Crane, R-Ariz., tore into President Biden and his administration on "Fox & Friends First" Wednesday after the president claimed the southern border looks "much better" as communities struggle to contain the migrant influx and six suspects on the FBI's terror watchlist are detained.

REP. ELI CRANE: It's kind of sad to say, I never thought I'd see it, but it seems like everything they say is pretty much a lie or gaslighting the American people. And I think the American people know that the truth is the exact opposite from what he's saying… "

Arizona rep. roasts Biden for 'gaslighting' Americans on border: 'Everything they say is pretty much a lie'


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