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Good Guys with Guns

Good Guys with Guns

The other day while trolling the internet, I ran across a thread talking saying five times more crimes are stopped by folks with guns over police.  I think the National Rifleman used to have a section for it.

One thing led to another and I did a search for good guys with guns and ran across this 'movie'.  I looks like it is from 2017 and it is only about five minutes long, with two thirds of that the end credits.  I suggest you take the time to watch it, you will get a kick out it.  A couple of things of note to me where the credits for the armed couple in the store says, "militia man" and "militia woman".  The implication is not lost on me.  Another item of note is in the last post about the movie one of the creators says, "It’s important to note that my executive producers and I have differing viewpoints on gun control and gun laws, however we do agree that the senseless violence must end."

Watch this short movie.  You'll probably be like me and asking yourself, I do not see any differing viewpoints being expressed in here at all.

Good guys with Guns - In an Armed America, who can Tell?

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