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Google Employees Butthurt Over Israel

Google Employees Butthurt Over Israel

Does anyone notice that the Democrats have a protected class for every single ethnic group except Jews?  The Africans were enslaved by Europeans recently for about three hundred years.  But the Jews have been kicked

around for three thousand years, yet they still exist.  Hell there are folks who deny the holocaust where Hitler killed six million Jews less than a hundred years ago.  But we protect the blacks, Asians, pacific islanders, gays, lesbians, trans, (these last three are CHOICES), women, hell everyone but white men and Jews.

"Hundreds of Google employees hijacked an International Women’s Day event to attack Israel and accuse Jews of victimizing themselves, screenshots provided to The Daily Wire reveal.

"Google software engineer Joelle Skaf was the first to post about Israel on the platform, encouraging Google to “avoid complicity in war crimes” and “stop taking money from the Israeli gov.” She received more than 500 upvotes from fellow employees on Dory which allows participants to up or down vote their colleague’s questions."

EXCLUSIVE: Google Employees Hijack ‘International Women’s Day’ Event To Bash Israel

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