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Government Agencies Secretly Removing Gun Rights

Government Agencies Secretly Removing Gun Rights

This is a tactic that they have been using in California for a long time now.  I once was arrested for carrying a concealed firearm as a second offense.  This time it wasn't even on my body, but in a case that was unlocked.

Just for the record, it was a black powder handgun, you know a real assault weapon.  Well, the court offered me three months probation if I plead to a felony, or four months in jail if I kept it at a misdemeanor.  I took the latter and ended up doing it on house arrest anyways, so it wasn't that bad.

"EXCLUSIVE — The U.S. government conditioned a plea agreement with a defendant stipulating they sign a secret form, which was not authorized through Congress and has been slammed as "unconstitutional" by Republican lawmakers, that stripped their rights to buy, own, or use firearms, documents show.

Between 2011 and 2019, the FBI, Secret Service, and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement coordinated to obtain signatures on an internal form from at least 60 U.S. citizens that stripped their gun rights, according to newly obtained records and multiple Washington Examiner reports. In at least one instance, the bureau and Secret Service worked behind closed doors with what appears to be a government prosecutor who conditioned signing of the form as part of a legal case, the Washington Examiner has learned."

FBI and Secret Service behind covert agreement stripping citizen's gun rights, documents show

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