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Guns Put to Good Use

Guns Put to Good Use

The media loves a good shooting.  Well, not a good one, no.  Actually they love really bad bad shootings, the more death, the better for the 'ratings'.  Have an AR-15 involved?  Golden!  White guy shoots others, yes!

Does it not get old?  I mean, anyone who has taken a high school psychology class can see through their shit, or should.

Here, we have a story where someone used their gun to actually protect themselves from someone else who had a gun, and won.  This is the type of story the media hates.  Because it is the type of story that the Democrats hate as well.

" A homeowner in Tennessee shot two intruders, killing one, Friday night after the men tased the family’s dog and held their teenage son at gunpoint, authorities said.  "

Tennessee homeowner kills intruder, wounds second after they allegedly held teen at gunpoint, tased dog

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