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I Could Have Used This a Couple Times

I Could Have Used This a Couple Times

I was really bad sometimes about getting my registration renewed on time, many times I couldn't afford auto insurance at all, and sometimes the law just liked to make up equipment violations to write me some ticket.

This was of course, when I was young(er).  Many times I would also not appear for these tickets.  My reasoning was, hey if I couldn't afford to get the insurance/registration/license plate light/etc., why would I be able to afford the fine too?  So, of course, I got picked up on a few failure to appear/pay warrants.  And of course, when they suspend your license, then when you get pulled over, you get that ticket and whatever vehicle you were driving impounded for a mandatory minimum of thirty days.  Where was this?  California of course.  Well, looks like in New Mexico folks won't have to worry about all this.

  • "New Mexico's motor vehicle division has lifted the suspension of driver's licenses for over 100,000 residents under new anti-poverty legislation.
  • The bipartisan legislation ends the practice of suspending licenses for failure to pay fines or appear in court, making it easier for individuals to pay off debts and care for their families.
  • The law does not apply to commercial driver's licenses or suspensions related to dangerous driving, but does clear suspensions for over 160,000 out-of-state drivers with New Mexico citations."

Over 100,000 New Mexicans no longer have suspended driver’s licenses

Hmm, I wonder if that means my old speed trap ticket in Truth or Consequences in 1991 has now been quashed, lol.

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