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Illegals Can Own Guns in Illinois

Illegals Can Own Guns in Illinois

 Hmm.  I thought that Illinois was very strict on gun ownership.  Guess not, if you're a newly imported Democratic voter.  I mean, let's be honest.  That's what this invasion is about.  I know this story is old, but gave me time.

This judge was appointed by former President Obama (of course) and oh, yeah her name is Judge Sharon Coleman, who is an activist in another Democratic protected class as well.  Because face it.  Just pop up and say, I'm an activist for LGTBQ or some other Democratic party protected class (comrade) cause; you get stuff.  Starting with free passes.

Odd isn't it?  If the person involved was an American citizen, I'll bet they'd toss the book at him/her.

"A judge this month dropped gun charges against an illegal migrant in Illinois, sparking further debate about the rights associated with the Second Amendment.

""The Court finds that Carbajal-Flores' criminal record, containing no improper use of a weapon, as well as the non-violent circumstances of his arrest do not support a finding that he poses a risk to public safety such that he cannot be trusted to use a weapon responsibly and should be deprived of his Second Amendment right to bear arms in self-defense," Coleman, who was appointed under President Barack Obama, wrote in her eight-page ruling filed March 8."

Undocumented Immigrants Have Right to Own Guns, Judge Rules

Obama-Appointed Judge Rules Illegal Immigrants Can Carry Guns in the U.S.


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