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Who is John Galt? John Todd and the Truth about the Illuminati

Who is John Galt? John Todd and the Truth about the Illuminati

So much talk these days about QAnon, Alex Jones, and others. There is nothing new. My dive down the rabbit hole was via a cassette tape my (ex) wife grabbed while she and I visited her folks in Maryland in 1986.

It was a tape whose speaker was John Todd.  Some say he started speaking about the Illuminati as early as 1968, but more likely around 1973.  If you do an internet search for John Todd, you will not find anything good.  They 'debunk' most of the claims he made about himself, and say he was a child molester (sound familiar?), though I am not saying he was or wasn't.  I will also say that most all of the prophecies he made in his talk(s) did not come true. So there's that.

But John Todd did seem to tie things together in a way.  The Freemason's, Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Witchcraft, Satanism, The Rockefellers, The Rothschilds, and more.  Oh, he specifies that the Rothschilds are not Jews.

Now we have, QAnon, and others peddling the same info with more added 'information', but I'll say his info predates those guys by quite a long time.  He used the reverse of the seal of the U.S. (the pyramid) as an illustration.  He said that it was a symbol or seal of the Illuminati with eye in the capstone representing Lucifer.

It can be easy to dive head first into these things, especially when we have QAnon and Alex Jones making such a big fuss over every single thing and yelling "Illuminati" at every turn.  At the end of the day, QAnon and Alex Jones are a distraction.  Hell, I have said many times, if I were in the Illuminati, Alex Jones would be on my payroll.  Here's the deal.  We know that there are forces working us towards a one world government (The 'Globalists'), one that will eventually lead to totalitarianism otherwise known as the Tribulation.  We know that Satan is the one working us towards this.  Do I think that the Illuminati is really as organized as they claim?  No, but Satan is.  Therefore this information helps me to step back and see certain patterns within current events, and certain symbols from those entities who seem to be knowingly or ignorantly working towards said goal.  Even John Todd said that he nor most others involved actually knew why they were/are doing what they do, they just do it. Kind of like Democrats.

Something else of interest is that John Todd made more than just this one tape, he made quite a few, this one is just the most circulated.  In his later tapes, he talked about carrying a gun (as verified in many of the articles about him), and he also talked about stocking up on weapons, ammo, food and other things.  He even claimed to have started or was looking to start a retreat of sorts.  You know, a bug out location.

Interesting that Randy Weaver, the Branch Davidians, and the Militia/Patriot movement now talk the same way and many members still go down the rabbit hole(s) that QAnon, Alex Jones, and many many others provide.  Do not fall for the distraction.  'They' are putting everything out in the open now.  Just watch CNN, MSNBC, or any other news media outlet.  It is all there in plain sight for all to see.  Nothing is being kept secret anymore at all.

The reference to John Galt is a mention of the book by Ayn Rand, Alas Shrugged. In that book, large corporations and the .gov slowly but surely stop 'the motor of the world' with shutdowns, shortages, accidents, etc., all while maintaining their wealth and power. Odd, that's just like what we experienced last year with the controlyavirus.

I had taken one of the copies of the tape I had and digitized it some time ago.  You'll see side one and side two below. The quality is pretty terrible.  You may find these same audios on YouTube at times. Below that I have a transcript that I found once of the tape as well.  I will reference "Illuminati" from time to time, also know that it is now been called The New World Order, The Swamp, the Globalists.  One final note.  Like I said above, when you search for John Todd on the internet, you will find that they debunk almost everything he said on that tape.  About himself.  Ironically, nobody claims anything he says about the Illuminati is false.  Let that sink in.

This is a transcript of the tape, don't mind the art work:


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