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Judge Says 2A Doesn't Exist

Judge Says 2A Doesn't Exist

If you do not see that the Constitution is under attack, you're ignorant, not paying attention, or in favor of it.  We recently had a United States Supreme Court Justice say the .gov is hamstrung by the first amendment.

Forgive me this outburst, but bitch, that's why it was written that way for, you fucking idiot!  Now a judge in New York has decided and said out load that the second amendment doesn't exist in his courtroom?!?

I am not liking this at all.

"A Brooklyn man has been convicted of 13 weapons charges after having been arrested and charged in 2022 for building his own firearms. Dexter Taylor’s ordeal could become a landmark Second Amendment case in light of the Bruen ruling handed down in the same year.

"He is currently being jailed on Rikers Island as he awaits sentencing. Taylor’s conviction highlights the ongoing battle for gun rights. During an interview with Vinoo Varghese, Taylor’s defense lawyer, he detailed how Taylor’s trial proceeded and highlighted a distinct bias in favor of the prosecution."

NYC Man Convicted Over Gunsmithing Hobby After Judge Says 2nd Amendment 'Doesn't Exist in This Courtroom'

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