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Katie Hobbs Laughs at Constitution

Katie Hobbs Laughs at Constitution

I am so angry right now.  Can you believe this?  She laughs through the parts where she is swearing to uphold the Constitution.  This is the new Democratic Party folks.  A one party system is what we have now.

No need to debate, no need to really campaign, well except for all the fear ads where you get elderly people to act like they're "lifelong conservatives" concerned with all the Democratic talking points.  The fear ads about 'armed people' were near her house after the 2020 Election.  "Election Deniers" are dangerous.  So, having an opinion that does not square with the Party, will get you ignored, for now.  Just wait and see what's next folks.  I do not know exactly, all I know is that this path leads to a bad place.

Gov. Katie Hobbs is sworn in while hiding from reporters

The whole video:

She acts like a damn teenager and talks like one too.  Who elected her?  Oh yeah, she was selected.  Elections are just a show now.

And the condensed version for when the above gets scrubbed:

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