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Latest Intel on the Border Near Yuma

Latest Intel on the Border Near Yuma

This is a post I found from a person I trust.  It is current intel on what he saw on the border in the SE CA and SW AZ 'corner'?  Given date and judging from the time of post, January 7, 2022. See below:

"I decided to visit the border wall yesterday. What a shock! It continues to go to hell at a high rate. I rode along the section of wall from the southeast tip of California, to about 8 miles south, along the Arizona / Mexico border. It was about 12 noon and the border was deserted. Absolutely no one there to guard the border! There are two openings in the fence, left for equipment access during construction and are common spots for huge herds of illegals to cross. One opening is at Morelos Dam, about 1 mile south of the south/east tip of California. The other is about another 4 miles south of Morelos Dam. There were no Border Patrol anywhere, but I saw something entirely different. At each opening, there was approx 24 +/- full cases of bottled water, sports drinks, stacks of folded blankets, folding camp chairs, hand sanitizing stations, medical supplies, etc, etc, and 10 new portapottys."

You just never know where you might find a thing or two; even in the twenty-first century.

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