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More FBI Murders

More FBI Murders

Sam Weaver. Vikki WeaverThe Branch DividiansLeVoy FinnicumAshli Babbitt.  These are the names that make the news.  Countless others may not.  It seems as though this is on the rise as the Biden Administration

clamps down on its dissenters.  There is two (maybe three) folks dead in August, three articles, two (or three) more FBI murders.  For speaking out against President Biden.  Oh, I mean, threatening the President as that is how the stories are being spun.

"For at least the second time this month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has killed an American in his own home. What makes the most recent slaying so heinous is the status of the suspect — a man his family described as a completely disabled veteran who was unarmed when he was gunned down.

"On Aug. 16, FBI agents executed the fatal arrest operation at a residence in Henderson, Tennessee.

"The noise from the early morning operation woke at least one neighbor, who witnessed some of the chaos of the deadly raid."

FBI Kills Yet Another American in His Own Home, This Time It's a '100% Disabled Veteran'

And in Utah:

"Robertson, 75, was shot dead in his home in Provo by FBI agents who were attempting to arrest him related to months of violent threats posted on his social media toward President Joe Biden and other top Democrats. Biden was scheduled to land in Utah hours later.

"In a statement, the FBI says Robertson was pointing a .357 revolver at agents as they entered his home at about 6:15 a.m. The bureau’s inspection division is investigating the shooting.

"Utah Sen. Mike Lee has questions about the FBI raid in Provo that killed Craig Robertson earlier this month, calling certain actions the bureau took “highly unusual” and telling constituents it “warrants serious investigation.”

Mike Lee says elements of Provo FBI raid were ‘highly unusual,’ calls for ‘serious’ investigation

"Family members have identified the person who was shot and killed by FBI agents last week in Northeast Albuquerque.

"Attorney Ahmad Assed, who is assisting the family, said an FBI task force killed 32-year-old Ahmad Nassar on Aug. 8 inside his family’s home near Mountain and Chelwood Park."

Relatives ID Albuquerque man killed by FBI while authorities remain silent

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