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New York City Declares State of Emergency over Immigration

New York City Declares State of Emergency over Immigration

OK, I'm going to say it.  What Texas, Florida, and Arizona are doing is frigging awesome.  How long have we who live in border states, etc., had to listen to those Democrats safely ensconced in their northern cities far from

the border try to tell the country how to handle its' immigration crisis.  They cheer and promote even illegal immigration under the color of 'asylum' and 'migrant worker', and other catchy little phrases to tear at your heartstrings. But now that these 'migrant workers' are being bused up to their front doorstep, how quickly that tune changes and now it is an emergency.  And of course, not a single word of blow-back at all towards President Biden's policy of leasing a whole five star hotel in swanky Scottsdale Arizona to put them up, feed them, clothe them, and then bus them to the interior somewhere.

I am going to guarantee that if one looks harder into it, Biden is busing those 'migrant workers' to conservative states.  Fuck those hypocrites.  I like it.

NYC Mayor Adams declares state of emergency over migrant buses

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