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No Civil War Democrats, Yet

No Civil War Democrats, Yet

A couple weeks ago I posted an article for the Take Our Border Back convoy(s).  Three separate convoys that mostly converged in Texas.  From Virginia to California routes were proposed.  Scared the Democrats.

Doesn't everything?  Arizona's Governor never did a debate because she is actually a scared little girl.  All her campaign ads only showed how she was afraid of conservatives.  I wonder why?  Couldn't be all the poking of the bear they have been doing lately, could it?

A reporter from "wired" magazine must have decided to 'infiltrate' the Take Our Border Back Telegram channel and it scared the poor little Democrat into writing this bunch of hooey.  I mean it had over a thousand members!  How dare they peacefully assemble!

"A retired US Army lieutenant colonel is organizing an armed convoy next week to the Texas border to, he says, hunt down migrants crossing into the US from Mexico. Hundreds of people already say they are coordinating travel plans for the convoy on Telegram as tensions continue to rise between the state and federal government over immigration.

"“What gets us to the enemy quickly is find, fix, and finish,” Chambers told Jones. “That’s what we did in Syria when we took out ISIS really quick. Now we don’t have the authorities to finish, so what we can do is fix the location of where the bad guys are and pair up with law enforcement who are constitutionally sound.”"

Of course he skips right over the part underlined above and gets to the usual far out folks who join these groups to talk violence.  And for th3e most part, those folks are shunned because half the time their a alphabet agency plant anyways.

Far-Right Extremists Are Organizing an Armed Convoy to the Texas Border

Now, this is how it actually went down.  Looked like a bunch of old folks.  Fucking Democrats.

"Hundreds of protesters gathered for prayer-filled rallies in three border states Saturday to demand an end to illegal immigration — capping a cross-country convoy that dubbed itself “God’s Army” as it rolled from Virginia to Texas this week.

"“We have a human trafficking problem on the border in proportions that we’ve never imagined,” he said.

“The United States is the largest sponsor of human trafficking, and that’s not something we’re proud of.”"

Take Our Border Back convoy ends with rallies in 3 states over ‘national security crisis’


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