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Nobody Wants the Palestinians

Nobody Wants the Palestinians

As the war between Israel and Hamas continues, the protests against Israel do too.  They would certainly do well to actually learn for themselves what's up over there instead of blindly  believing the leaders of the protest.

Yeah sure, who cares about Israel, right?  We're sending them too much money.  But those college kids protesting so called genocide because of no aid, they would be real surprised to see how what aid gets in, gets distributed.

Even more eye opening is that Egypt has their share of a 'blockade as well between their country and Gaza.  Why?  Ask Jordan about the Black September in 1970 and 71. They went on to carry out the 1972 Munich Olympic Massacre. Long story short, none of the neighboring Arab/Muslim countries want any of the Palestinians in their country.  Period.

Hell, look at this search based upon the title of this article.

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