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Non Citizen to Run Elections

Non Citizen to Run Elections

Look.  I'm not against immigration.  I'm not against human rights.  I am against breaking the law.  San Fransisco and California apparently don't care about the last part, unless you want to own guns.

Then they go above the law and break the constitution.

Here, San Fransisco in all its wokeness, and positive reinforcement of their sanctuary city status, has sworn into public office, a person who is NOT a United States citizen to run their (s)elections.  She is also an immigration activist, so once you use the moniker "activist" then you are free to break laws all the time every where.

Now, as if we didn't already realize that there are no more elections in this country, only selections none of us should be surprised.  They can take all the illegal aliens presidential ballots in San Fransisco to further cement their goal of preserving "Democratic Institutions".

"A Chinese immigrant has been sworn in to serve on San Francisco’s Election Commission despite her lack of US citizenship, raising national security concerns as one US senator warns that Chinese President Xi Jinping is playing the “long game.”

"Kelly Wong, an immigration rights activist who came to the US in 2019 from Hong Kong for graduate studies, was unanimously appointed by San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors to the city’s Elections Commission on Feb. 14."

Non-citizen Chinese immigrant is sworn in on San Francisco’s Election Commission

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