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Only in California (Forever)

Only in California (Forever)

It is kind of comical the way things are these days.  All this 'social justice' hearkens back to the 'peace, love and joy' of the sixties.  Funny that.  Most of those 'hippies' who tried to create a utopia (commune) grew up.

I have no idea why they've resurfaced now trying to influence folks that humans can create a utopian society/city.  I wonder if former President Obama's hiring of Bill Ayers had anything to do with it.  You know, the guy who formed the weathermen, a group that was on the FBI's terrorist list.

But we all know that California considers itself special.  It used to be cool, but once they got the auto industry to bend to their demands with the 1975 catalytic converter, shit just went to their heads.

Here, probably in the same sense as the train to nowhere, or maybe even the hillside lots sold to actors/actresses in Lake Elsinore a hundred years ago, is a city that is a "green" utopia.  They're aiming it at public service employees, but it is out in a rural area, so I don't know.  Maybe I'm just not 'educated' enough.  The developer wants to change the laws there and I reckon if they grease enough palms, it'll be on a 'special election' to tip it in their favor.

Looking at the location, it sure looks like it would meet the 'green' initiative.  Meaning take farmland and urbanize it.  Because farming bad these days.  Yeah.

"On Wednesday, California Forever said it is officially filing the East Solano Homes, Jobs, and Clean Energy Initiative with the Solano County Registrar of Voters. If the group can secure more than 13,000 signatures from Solano County voters, the measure will go before voters this November.

"The group has been criticized for its secrecy. Last year, news broke that a shadowy group called Flannery Associates was buying up tens of thousands of acres of land in rural Solano County. Within a decade, they’d quietly become the biggest landowner in the county. Local politicians demanded an investigation into the group amid concerns it was a national security threat to have an unnamed landowner snatching up plots near Travis Air Force Base."

First map of proposed utopian California city in Solano County is released

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