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Remarks From Trump Considered Racist

Remarks From Trump Considered Racist

Choke.  When isn't anything Presidential Candidate Donald Trump considered some sort of bad speech?  He and all who voted for him are racist, homophobic, islamophobic, whateverphobic, and a clear and present danger.

Here some remarks bring complaints from the usual crowd, you know, the same crowd that complained about some school book saying, "If Condalissa dropped a watermelon . . . .".  And you'll see a link to another article with, of course, the White House complaining about it which brings home the 'watermelon' comment above.

"Last month, in a room full of Washington’s most prominent Black conservatives, Donald Trump declared that Black voters are drawn to him because of his criminal indictments and mugshot.

"Democrats quickly denounced his comments as “racist”. But some Black Republicans have defended Trump, claiming that “life was better four years ago under his administration” because of certain initiatives during his presidency that were geared towards Black communities."

Trump says racist things about Black voters. Why are some defending him?

Trump's comments on Black voters trafficked in racist stereotypes -White House

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