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Rittenhouse Trial

Yesterday, Gaige Grosskreutz testified in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial.  He was the man whose arm Kyle almost shot off.  YOu know, the one man with a gun among all the people chasing Kyle.

As the video tells, I think Gaige's testimony, though it was for the Prosecution, probably helped Kyle's case more than ever intended.  He totally contradicted himself as he seemed to use sound bites from each narrative.  The one of the Social Justice Warrior:  “That’s not the kind of person that I am. That’s not why I was out there,” he said. “It’s not who I am. And definitely not somebody I would want to become.” yet then he talks like any other firearm owner with:  “I thought the defendant was an active shooter,” said Grosskreutz, 27.  And the clincher was something about his habit of going about armed:

“I believe in the Second Amendment. I’m for people’s right to carry and bear arms,” he said, explaining why he was armed. “And that night was no different than any other day. It’s keys, phone, wallet, gun.”

So who is this Gaige Grosskreutz?  A man whose carrying a firearm is right up there with his wallet, something that carries great responsibility, multiplied ten-fold once you draw it, or "That's not the kind of person I am."  You decide.

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Man Rittenhouse Shot Says He Didn't Mean To Point Own Gun




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