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Same Thing, Different Year in Oregon

Same Thing, Different Year in Oregon

 I remember a few years ago, the Republican members of the Oregon state Senate walked off the job so that a quorum could not be reached as a means to stop a bill from passing.  Both parties have done it.

Looks like they're at it again.  It is sad that the Democrats' policies have become so extreme now.  But LBJ was right when he said, "We'll have them [pick your group] voting Democrat for a hundred years".

"Weekend negotiations between Senate Democrats and Republicans proved fruitless Monday, as the GOP’s walkout extended into a crucial 10th day.

"With no Republicans present for a morning floor session, three state senators — Sen. Daniel Bonham, R-The Dalles, Sen. Dennis Linthicum, R-Beatty, Sen. Brian Boquist, I-Dallas — have now accrued 10 unexcused absences. That’s a key threshold: Under a law voters overwhelmingly approved last year, any lawmaker with at least 10 unexcused absences cannot be reelected."

Oregon’s Republican-led Senate walkout enters crucial 10th day, meaning penalties for 3 lawmakers

" Today, Republican state lawmakers in Oregon walked off the job for the 10th workday in a row. They're doing it to block a Democrat-led bill that would in part protect and expand access to reproductive and gender affirming health care. Oregon is one of the few states that requires a two-thirds quorum to conduct legislative business, and several Republicans have now hit their limit for absences, triggering a new state law that would bar them from running for reelection. "

" But the GOP says two specific pieces are too extreme. One part would make clear that children of any age don't have to obtain parental permissions to receive an abortion in Oregon. That's something Republicans have taken strenuous exception to. Another piece creates new protections for people who identify as a different gender than they were assigned at birth. That includes expanding what kinds of procedures those folks get that can be covered by insurance. Under the bill, insurance would have to pay for things like facial feminization surgery, hair electrolysis and some other things. "

Oregon Republicans' walkouts trigger a new state law on reelection

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