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Seattle Still Leads the Way

Seattle Still Leads the Way

You know back in the day, the West used to be a cool thing.  But now, I just don't know what to think.  The west used to have the cutting edge.  Livermore Labs did the LASER.  JPL did the moon and much more.

But now the science out west seems to be based upon . . . how one feels?  I mean that's what everyone shouts about climate and controlyaviruses.  Loud and clear and in your face.  Right up until you want to talk about the science of gender.  Then the lines have to get blurred.  Actually, that is a science these days, get your degree in Gender Studies.  Now 'gender' no longer refers to birth sex.

"A Seattle Public Schools quiz asking students a series of questions about human anatomy has sparked controversy online, particularly regarding how the quiz was graded.

The quiz, which was first reported by, was administered in a 10th grade ethnic studies course at Chief Sealth International High School two weeks ago, according to Seattle Public Schools. Students were allegedly instructed to mark whether the statements "only women can get pregnant" and "all men have penises" are true or false.


One student was allegedly docked points for answering "true" to both questions. When Crisis in the Classroom (CITC), the education franchise for KOMO News, asked Seattle Public Schools to confirm the incident, a district spokesperson said "it's crucial to note that the quiz results did not impact students' final grades."

Seattle Public Schools tight-lipped on 'ethnic studies' quiz stirring controversy online

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