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Space: The Current Frontier

Space: The Current Frontier

I have often wondered why we stopped at the moon.  I watched the July, 1969 moon landing live as a nine year old.  We did it.  Sure it become routine, mainly because we never really set our sights beyond landing a human.

Well, and taking all those soil samples and such, but hey.  We went there with slide rules and protractors.  The 'computer' had less computing power than perhaps even one of the OG Motorola Razr V3 series phones.  Because like those old phones, the software was very Cingular (pun intended) in purpose.

It makes me glad to see that some folks know the value space travel may play in our climate change (oh for you liberals, END OF THE WORLD CRISIS), if said change get too bad.  Tell the truth.  A part of me thinks that there is still an energy source we're missing in the universe as we keep going to fire (heat) for our energy.

Anyways, looks like a lot of folk are getting into space beside just U.S.A.

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