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The "Summer of Love" 2020 - January 6, 2021

The "Summer of Love" 2020 - January 6, 2021

The year 2020 was something, wasn't it?  I'm going to talk about what lead up to the D.C. Protest that turned violent on January 6, 2021.

Let's first off address the biggie, the Controlyavirus. Close certain 'non-essential' businesses, schools, certain churches, ban public gatherings of all sorts, mask mandates.  Over a disease with a global mortality rate of .05%.  That's the backdrop.  During the year as the Presidential campaigning got into swing, any rallies for then President Trump were scoffed, ridiculed, and shamed. Some people got down right mean, saying that they would be super spreader events, and; "They're not wearing masks!" or "Not social distancing!" with the "Don't you care, you're killing your fellow humans!" always tossed in for maximum public shaming.  "My body, my choice" only applies to deliberate pre-meditated murder (abortion), but the use of that analogy on most social media sites gets deleted and/or the poster banned with a quickness.

That not being enough, we had a couple more events that happen from time to time.  Black people getting killed by white police officers.  But the race peddlers like (need) to drag one out from time to time to keep themselves relevant.  Ask Thomas Sowell what he thinks of Jesse Jackson.  So we saw at least two incidents advertised well enough to get the 'masses' in an uproar.  I was seeing a TV commercial recently that said, 'We're at war out here.  On one side is the Po-lice and the other side is the black community'.  A war.  Really.

I will say that the shooting death of Breonna Taylor was wrong.  But skin color had absolutely nothing to do with it.  I believe that any no knock warrant is a violation of our rights and can always turn out badly, as it did with Ms. Taylor.  But those cops were not there to shoot a black person, nor were they there just because they were black.  No.

George Floyd was yelling "I can't breath" as soon as the cops put their hands on him.  Or did you not see the whole tape?  However, resting a knee on his neck for that long though was wrong, wrong, wrong.  But was he killed because of his skin color?  No.  That didn't stop the race mongers from crying "Systemic Racism" and getting the whole country in an uproar.

But here's where it gets . . . . crazy.  Nobody said anything about super spreading.  Social distancing was never hardly mentioned. Well, not by the mainstream media like CNN and MSNBC.  Masks, if worn at all, were mostly worn incorrectly.  The protests were called 'peaceful'.  In Seattle, they went so far as to attack and close a police precinct.  Then they went ahead and blocked streets and considered their little section of Seattle to not even be a part of the United States of America.  Nope, no insurrection there, folks.  They dubbed it the Summer of Love.

Let's take a walk down memory lane and look at what they called a 'Summer of Love' really looked like.  Many of the pictures below are links to the stories.  More comments further down:


Louisville, KY, May:


Milwaukee, WI:


Portland, OR:






And who can forget this classy lady:


One has to wonder exactly what message she is trying to convey.

 Seattle, WA:





And then a true Insurrection, the CHAZ/CHOP:



Elsewhere around the country:



Finally, in Washington D.C. last year:



And there were over 100 officers injured in Washington D.C. in June, 2020 from all those 'peaceful' protests.

People minding their own business getting harassed while trying to eat dinner in Washington, D.C.:

Then we have several news reports that protesters are not even being held nor charged:

Yet, we have these two things happen where not prosecuting isn't even thought twice about:


Here we are. We have supporters of President Trump who already have been cursed and called al kinds of vile names for the previous three-four years, then add in all these inconsistencies in application of laws and public opinion; then add all the 'unfounded' strange things that happened during the November 3, 2020 election.  I mean, what could go wrong, right?

What, exactly did the Democrats expect?  Exactly what happened, and they knew it was going to happen, and let it happen.  But, it was all Trumps's fault.


 And then we come to January 6, 2021.  A few decided to break into the Capitol.  Notice anything burning?

This is what a real Summer of Love looked like:

In closing, if the Democrats keep race baiting and dividing our country while calling anyone who ever supported President Trump a racist, running ads about a war going on, and keep calling what happened on Jan 6, 2021 an Insurrection, they had best watch the hell out for what they wish for.  Because if they think that was an Insurrection or that we are at some kind of 'war', they ain't seen shit.

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