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The President is Lost

The President is Lost

This is what happens when you hold the highest office in the land.  The scrutiny is fierce as is the nit-picking commentary.  Sounds like folks are jumping on this "Biden got lost" wagon.

Ok, I'll be the first to say, I did not vote for the man, and I think a lot of 'funny' things, and I mean a whole lot, happened during the last election.  I also understand and remember all too well how much the media criticized ever single word and action of President Trump.  So, here we have Presdident Biden, following a secret service agent.  The agent points where he wants Biden to go.  Biden either didn't see the gesture, or got confused.  He seemed to show that with his sideways look like, "Why am I going out on the lawn?  Oh well, just follow the damn agent."  Is that the best we can do? Is blow this up?  I am by no means defending the President.  But we need to be hitting him harder over his policy blunders.

What we need to do is see the bigger picture.  All these gaffs and moments of 'wonder' on the part of the President is possibly the set up.  The setup for the perfectly (I am speculating) timed twenty-five amendment approach to keep the current administration in power for a possible additional two years, pending outcomes of future elections.  Here's the video:

For kicks, here is a Western Journal article with more gaffs for your reading pleasure:

Watch: Lost Biden Wanders Onto Grass Even After Secret Service Handler Points Where to Walk

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