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Trump Conviction Constitutional Crisis

Trump Conviction Constitutional Crisis

Former President and Presidential Candidate Trump was unsurprisingly convicted in New York.  The judge showed bias throughout the case and why not?  His daughter was paid $500k by some Arizona Democrats.

I've asked this also.  How much did former President Clinton pay Monica Lewinsky?  Where are the charges against him?  Nowhere, because obviously if your name is Clinton or associated with them, you get a free pass.  Because Hillary probably has all the levers.

"Imprisoning Donald Trump would create a massive constitutional crisis, legal experts have said.

""I don't think Trump will be given a prison sentence, because that would create a constitutional crisis and a slew of appeals and habeas corpus challenges, and a mess for the judicial system in trying to deal with prisoner Trump," he said.

""The smart thing will be to give him probation or stay his sentence pending appeal. A decision by Judge Marchan to impose a prison sentence would appear biased," Germain said."

Donald Trump Prison Sentence Would Create Constitutional Chaos: Experts

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