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About Vaccinating the Children

About Vaccinating the Children

I found this on a forum I frequent.  I think it is a pretty awesome rebuttal to the one person's obvious rectal cranial insertion problem regarding vaccinating our children.  These are not my words.

"Fortunately, we're moving closer to a vaccine for younger children aged 5 to 11, and I remain grateful for the current administration who has plans in place for efficient distribution if the vaccine is authorized. Authorizing this vaccine is not a mandate to inoculate, and efficient and coherent distribution plans are not vaccination mandates."

Grateful indeed. If Biden’s group of brilliant bureaucrats manage the national health initiatives as well as say, their masterful handling of the immigration crisis at the Southern border, or their rousing success in the graceful exit of Afghanistan, or their uber competent management of energy policy, well, I’m at a loss for words. However, if early indicators are predictive, it appears they will do just as good of a job on the vaccines as they have proven so well on everything else, since their immediate response to the FDA’s advisory committee’s 16-2 recommendation against a booster for 16 and over, was, meh, were gonna do it anyway.

But you’re not alone in your gratitude .... I’m absolutely certain that the executives and major stock holders at Pfizer and Moderna are just as grateful to the administration as you apparently are. For the 90% of us actually paying attention though, he should hang by his creepy neck, alongside his handlers and co-conspirators.

"Tomorrow the FDA's independent advisory committee on vaccines--- VRBPAC--- will meet to decide whether to recommend a vaccine for our nation's 5- 12 y/o kiddos. If the FDA authorizes the vaccine, the CDC's independent advisory committee---ACIP--- is scheduled to meet on November 2nd and 3rd to make recommendations on who should get it; then the CDC director, will have to announce her official recommendations before any vaccines for children are administered by parental choice.

Scientific review must guide this process and not the conspiracies, deliberate disinformation, misleading comparisons and innuendo we are witnessing, in this nation, by the concerted anti-public health movement that launched at the onset of this pandemic."

Wait just a dog gone minute here. First, this so-called anti-public health movement you are referring to that you claim was “launched” at the onset of the pandemic is a bit of a mystery to me, as I’ve never seen any average Joe American advocating for poor health, not then, not now, not ever. But if you are referring to your fellow Americans who have expressed concerns over draconian measures not based on any legitimate science, such as social distancing.... endless mask wearing and the isolation and quarantine of healthy people and the nonsensical shutdowns which did nothing but destroy businesses and livelihoods, well that certainly wasn’t “launched” at the onset, but did come weeks and months later after they became fed up with the constant lies, and endless deceptions that continue to this very moment ... those “couple of weeks to flatten the curve” which grew to a couple of months, then six months, then talk turned to we may never get back to normal life. Then it was take your vaccine, and you can stop wearing the mask ... oops, never mind, better put that mask back on until everyone is vaccinated .... remember? That’s when resisters began resisting, which in my view should have been launched way sooner than it did.

So you say scientific review must guide the process, and not conspiracies and misinformation? Then why won’t you tell people the truth? Why lead people to believe something that is patently false? You want to convince people to trust the expert scientific minds at the FDA to comprehensively analyze every single detail to ensure the safety of the public, when there is nothing further from the truth!

All anyone needs to know about this lie is how the FDA and CDC are ignoring the data being collected by the vaccine safety surveillance system they co-manage, called VAERS ... the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System. The sole purpose of the system is to collect safety surveillance data to alert authorities to potential safety issues. And, because these Covid vaccines are still in phase 3 trial, one would naturally expect the FDA and CDC to monitor and analyze that data extensively, yes? Then why do we continue to hear the same lie “safe and effective”, when the data clearly makes the claim ABSURD.

With over 800,000 total adverse events reported, 17,000+ deaths, 18,000+ life threatening events, 26,000+ permanent disabilities, 80,000+ hospitalizations, 90,000+ emergency room visits, 120,000+ doctor office visits, please explain to us conspiracy theorists, in scientific terms, how this data supports any rational claim of safety? It’s a bloody disaster. The reality, not theory is, there have been more deaths and injuries attributed to Covid vaccines in just 10 months, than all other vaccines ever administered over the 30 years this system has been collecting data, COMBINED! By comparison, the swine flu vaccine was halted and pulled from use after 53 deaths were reported .... Covid has 17,000, and increasing daily! So if the FDA and CDC were actually interested at all in safeguarding the public health, this experimental vaccine trial would have been terminated early last year, yet what is actually happening is they are expanding it to little children?

The unvarnished truth is, these rotten, lying, genocidal psychopaths know exactly what’s happening, and it is precisely what they planned to happen, else they wouldn’t allow it to CONTINUE HAPPENING.

"It is understandable that parents have questions and concerns about any new vaccine. Some parents plan to get their children vaccinated right away; some have no intention of doing so at all; and some prefer to take a "wait and see" approach. It is very tragic that the anti-science & anti-vaccine antagonists and anti-governmental types are using mendacity and pseudo-science to fear monger on social media and other platforms in an effort to prevent vaccinations and muddy the decision making process of parents. My wish is for parents to obtain their vaccine information from trusted and credible sources and not anonymous social media influencers and ignorant opinion."

What? There is no anti-vax fear mongering on social media, as you cannot even link to data at a government website that even hints at anything that deviates from the “Safe and Effective” mantra without being banned and De-platformed from YouTube or Twitter. But let’s dive a little deeper into the topic of trusted and credible sources, and the real pseudoscience on full display ... such as the misuse of the PCR technology to create a false narrative rather than an accurate picture of reality? We now know with total certainty that the PCR is incapable of identifying an infection, yet that is precisely the tool selected by the CDC and approved by the FDA for that very task it was incapable of performing (according to the inventor himself, Kerry Mullins). Pseudoscience? Or just flat out fraud? You see, we also know with full certainty (and this is even admitted on video by Fauci himself) that using anything higher than 28 cycles for the PCR renders useless data (Fauci’s exact words) though we have since discovered that under instructions from the CDC last year, Covid testing centers were instructed to set the cycle threshold to between 35 to 39, which would guarantee a false positive rate of 97%. More pseudoscience? Or just fraud? I tell you this, if you wanted to create the illusion of a massive pandemic, you couldn’t devise a more clever tactic than to use a tool that is incapable of detecting infections, but does allow you to create any result you desire, and then use it to create that desired outcome. And that’s where the pseudoscience of “asymptomatic infection” was born ... not from real science.

Now, we’re just scratching the surface here, because there is a bunch more fraud and pseudoscience to cover, though for the purpose of expediency, I’ll just go over the most egregious of the frauds that is directly responsible for at least 85% of the Covid deaths .... spoiler alert .. it wasn’t the virus.

As we now know, from hundreds of doctors here in the US and hundreds more from around the world who have successfully treated tens of thousands of Covid patients with Ivermectin and HCQ, with almost 100% efficacy. Even now, the mainstream medical cartel and media continues the propaganda campaign against these effective therapies, just as they have all along, using fraudulent statements and ridiculous tactics like associating Ivermectin to horse paste and HCQ to fish tank cleaner, to the abhorrent tactics of forbidding doctors the use of them, to ordering pharmacies not to fill prescriptions for them, all at the expense of countless thousands of lives lost unnecessarily, that would most certainly have been saved with early therapeutic treatment. But in order to gain the Emergency Use Authorizations for the vaccines in development, it had to be shown that no effective therapeutics were available, so that explains the extreme measures taken by the CDC and FDA to squash these therapeutics.

The standard protocol developed by the CDC was to only admit patients into hospitals that were critically ill, sending home everyone else, without any form of outpatient treatment. Then, they go home, get progressively sicker, until they wind back up at the hospital with oxygen saturation levels dangerously low. This is when they are then given the FDA EUA drug Remdesivir, whose horrible history of causing rapid renal failure when used in Ebola trials was removed half way through the trial .... which should have disqualified it from the outset, yet became the number 1 drug approved for the treatment of Covid patients. What happens when the kidneys shut down? Fluid build up, especially around the heart and lungs, which is not a great thing for people suffering a respiratory infection, unless it was your intent to hasten their demise, rather than cure them. Of course, anything that leads to intubation, which Remdesivir proved to be quite good at, netted the hospital an additional $50,000 per patient vented.

So, this is science? No, it’s called premeditated, 1st degree murder by any legitimate assessment.

"Our nation's institutions and regulatory bodies are highly regarded and the scientists and our medial experts and public health professionals provide solid evidence based guidelines and expert interpretation of data."

When people find out the full truth of what has transpired, these medical and regulatory institutions will never be trusted again. In fact, if there are enough of us still left alive after this deliberate attempt at genocide, there will not be many brave enough to dare wear a white coat and identify themselves as Doctor, for fear of being ripped apart, limb by limb, by angry masses whose trust had been so egregiously betrayed, in retaliation for so much harm deliberately inflicted.

Allopathic medicine in the United States is DEAD, as it will not survive the genocide of the Covid 19 planned-demic, once the truth is fully revealed.

"Of course one's pediatrician is always a great resource for truthful advice from those whose goal is to protect and care for children and their parents. The American Academy of Pediatricians and Johns Hopkins have the following current facts available on their websites as well as answers to common questions and coherent & credible refutation to many myths we see on this forum and elsewhere."

Any pediatrician who dares recommend vaccinating these children with this Covid jab will be the first white coat casualties of vigilante justice surely to come from furious parents whose children are their entire world. It’s one thing to injure, maim and even kill adults, but an entirely different ballgame when you screw with the lives of people’s babies .... nothing is more ferocious than a momma bear protecting her cubs, and the revenge of a grieving mother.

"More than 6 million children in the U.S. have gotten COVID-19, including more than 1.1 million in the last six weeks alone.

More than 600 children have died from COVID-19, 158 of whom have been between the ages of 5 and 11."

While the death of a single child is a terrible tragedy, well considered and carefully measured risk/benefit ratios must be the driver of decisions regarding health interventions. That’s true science. Now, based on your own figures, 600 deaths out of 6 Million infections equates to a mortality rate of .0001, or a survival rate of .9999% which is statistically 100%. It would also be appropriate to note that among those 600 souls we’ve tragically lost, the vast majority of those children would have survived with the therapeutics this rotten, low down, no good, agenda driven gang of criminals prevented them from receiving, in order to gain EUA for their poison vaccines that you now what to inject into tens of thousands of other children!!!

To put this bluntly, the meta analysis of several data sets indicate that, based on current adverse event data, which we already know is vastly underreported, these children are at exponentially greater risk of death and severe injury from the vaccine than they are the virus. We also know that because there is obviously no long term safety data available for this experimental “vaccine” rushed to market, we have no way to predict the long term consequences to these children still in the developmental stages, from a genetic therapy never before used in human beings.

The bottom line is, there is absolutely NO rational scientific justification to inject a single child with a single dose of this gene therapy drug to protect them from a virus that poses virtually ZERO THREAT to them. Anyone attempting to convince parents this is something that should be done, or has been scientifically justified is a liar, a child abuser, and should be remanded to the custody of a federal penitentiary for the rest of their miserable lives.

"More than 5,000 children have gotten a severe multisystem inflammatory condition known as MIS-C following a COVID-19 diagnosis, which can have debilitating physical effects and a long rehab process."

Indeed. There were some whistle blowers that revealed receiving secret notifications they’d received from the CDC several weeks back to be on the look out for a new disease affecting multiple organs of young children. MIS-C is a brand new, never before documented disease identifier that only appeared first in 2020.

It’s almost amazing how these crack scientists can predict these things ... makes you wonder if they’re using the same crystal ball that Fauci and Gates used to predict the Covid pandemic two years before it happened.

Kinda makes you go hmmmm.


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