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Vaccine Dangers

Vaccine Dangers

Lots of talk about the dangers of the controlyavirus vaccine.  Let me just say that I have noticed a lot of 'right wing' personalities and web sites really trying to cash in on our reluctance to the mandates.

I am not ging to rush out and get vacccinated for the controlyavirus.  Just like I have never rushed out for a flu shot.  I believe that I already had the controlyavirus in Jan 2020 and if I remember correctly, my elementary school science class even taught us the basics about disease and vaccines.  Get a disease and survive?  Natural immunity.  Regular vaccines?  Built with a part of the actual virus producing about the same natural immunity.

These mNRA vaccines?  From what I can gather, they use something else, from DNA.  And you know what's really cool about that?  Where they get that DNA.  It comes from fetal cells from 'historical fetal cell lines'.  From abortions.  Enjoy that read, and I imagine the one thing not mentioned is that they probably keep those cell lines alive through cloning.

However, the reports of the deadlyness of the vaccine I shall hae to say about the same as I do for the disease itself.  As of the writing of this article in the United States, we have given over 213m first shot doses and over 183m second shot 'jabs'.  There have been 569k reports to VAERS with 6,951 deaths.  That would equate to a mortality rate of .004%, much less than the mortality rate for the disease itself.  I'm going to say that if the vaccine was 'engineered to kill', it would certainly do a much better job than that.

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