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The Vaccine is Safe They Say

The Vaccine is Safe They Say

Two things going on here.  One, Phizer was ordered to release a study that was as of February 28, 2021; nine months ago as of the publishing of this article.

Second, it appears as though the American Medical Association has also published a report about the harmful affects some have and are experiencing from the 'vaccine'.  Bigger though is somebody posted a link to the article on Twitter and twitter gives you a warning (of course, right?) about proceeding to that link.  You know, mis-information, damageing information, harmful to your computer, end of the world if you go there type warning.  Ok, the last one I exagerated.

First below is the article about the Pfizer study with a link to it.  Second is the link to the Twitter post mentioned.  And last will be the actual Pfizer document.

Horowitz: Pfizer vaccine injury data ordered released by judge shows shocking risk level

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